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Read how Creative HQ harnessed the expertise of their team to develop a new training programme using modern ways of working that can be tailored for different needs.


Organisations were looking to build capability in their employees to foster a culture of innovation within a modern working environment. However, there was a lack of training programmes to meet their needs. Creative HQ, being an innovation hub, saw the opportunity to meet this gap in the market and for future growth of the company and diversification of revenue streams.


In response, the T7 Masterclass programme in innovation application and delivery was created. T7 is delivered to small cohorts, usually from the same organisation, over seven to eight months. The programme can be delivered online, in-person or in combination. T7 involves facilitated workshops as well as individual learning and practice based on modules, built on Creative HQ’s 10 Innovation Blocks. While T7 was originally designed for organisations looking to build capability, there are elements that can be applicable to youth who are entering the workforce, or following an alternative career path as an entrepreneur, as well as individuals who are looking to re-skill themselves in modern ways of working.

Observations and lessons learnt

Collaboration within my organisation


Genuine collaboration across Creative HQ delivery staff from early on in the design process ensures that the right people are involved and sharing the responsibility of design, which in turn fosters integrity. Creative HQ involved all delivery staff from across the business through "The Collaboratory" sessions where they share their insights, and "Tool Deep Dive" sessions where the same group considers the use and relevance of innovation tools in different contexts.

Processes and adaptability


Elements of T7 modules have been trialled in other areas of delivery at Creative HQ, for example in half-day workshops as part of the Certificate in Applied Innovation. This has provided an opportunity to evaluate how elements may be relevant in different contexts. It also offers real life testing environments to see what works, and helps to identify areas to iterate on and improve.

Role of technology


Delivery of the initial T7 programme was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This required a pivot to online delivery. Through this experience, Creative HQ adopted online delivery tools such as Zoom and Miro. The content of the programme had to become more dynamic and adaptable to the new delivery model. This pivot has enabled Creative HQ to develop a versatile programme that can be delivered to clients both in person and online.

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Read how Creative HQ harnessed the expertise of their team to develop a new training programme using modern ways of working that can be tailored for different needs.