People empowerment
Rules & systems

Learn how HQSC and their Pacific community partners co-developed the Bula Sautu Report by getting comfortable with radical uncertainty, working to each other’s strengths, and establishing shared values and trust.

Read how Creative HQ created a process to intentionally enable colleagues to connect and learn more about each other in order to grow mutual respect and understanding within the team.

Learn how Wellington City Council (WCC) embedded a programme that grows staff to be change catalysts, contributing to an organisational mindset shift around how they create change.

Learn how two Māori NGOs and the Social Wellbeing Agency (SWA) came together through the NZ GovTech Accelerator and created a way of measuring and learning about whānau wellbeing and their social services experience to change the way services are contracted and designed.

Learn how the Ministry For the Environment (MFE) automated some mandatory reporting requirements as part of New Zealand’s commitments under the UNFCCC to save time and resources, improve transparency, and streamline processes.

Read how the Ministry For the Environment (MFE) took a new collaborative approach to organisational redesign to ensure staff and leadership buy-in.

Read how the Ministry for the Environment (MFE) created a strategy to enable a Māori–Crown relations capable workforce and work programme to bring Te Tiriti and te ao Māori into their daily work.